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FOOD SERVICE INSPECTION PROGRAM - Approximately 355 food establishments are inspected and licensed annually. Food establishments are assigned a food classification (Class I, II, III, or IV) depending on the scope of food prepared and served. This classification determines the inspection frequency. The main purpose of our inspection program is to ensure food safety and to prevent the occurrence of food borne illness in our communities. Special attention is given to safe food practices, prevention of food contamination and food temperature control. Reports of food borne illness are also investigated by department.

Food Service Operator: : Is someone who owns or operates a food service facility, preparing and distributing food items for consumption by the public and maintaining that facility in a sanitary condition.
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Itinerant Vendor: Is a food service operator who travels from one place to another selling goods. For the purpose of carrying on such business, he/she hires, leases or occupies any vehicle, building, or structure for the exhibition and sale of such goods,
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Temporary Food Event: is an event that includes the selling of food that lasts 1 to 5 days.
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