Public Swimming Pools Licensure

A regulation pertaining to the public health and safety of public swimming pools, and setting license requirements, fees for same, and penalties for violation .Pursuant to Section 19a-243(a) of the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut as amended be it ordered by the Board of Health of the East Shore District Health Department that:
1. Definition
“Artificial ‘public pool’” means a structure of concrete, steel, or other relatively impervious material intended for bathing, swimming, or therapeutic purposes, located either indoors or outdoors provided with controlled water supply, and not used or intended to be used as a pool at a single family residence.

2. License to Operate
No person, firm, corporation, or association shall operate a public swimming poo1 within the jurisdiction of the East Shore District Health Department who does not possess a valid License to Operate issued to him by the Director of Health. Only a person who complies with the requirements of this regulation and Section 19-l3-B33a of the Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut shall be entitled to receive and retain such a license.

3. Issuance of License
Any person, firm, corporation, or association which wishes to operate a pool within the Health District shall designate an individual, who will be held responsible for the operation and maintenance of the pool. This person o shall be a certified swimming pool operator, having successfully completed the swimming pool certification course through the health department. When, upon inspection by the East Shore District Health Department, it is determined that the swimming pool meets the requirements set forth in this regulation a license will be issued stating that the pool has met the approval of the East Shore District Health Department.

4. Annual Fee
An annual license fee of $135.00 (effective 12/1/2014) will be required upon inspection the first year of this regulation and on May 15th each year thereafter.

5. Suspension of License -
If upon inspection, conditions detrimental to the Public Health are found either due to violation of Section 19-13-B33a of the Connecticut Public Health Code, violation of these regulations, negligence, faulty equipment or inadequate operational procedures, the Director of Health may, by written order, immediately suspend the license to operate the pool until such time as the conditions for the suspension have been corrected.

6. Reinstatement of License
A suspended license may be reinstated by written permission of the Director of Health when upon re-inspection the conditions causing the suspension of the license have been corrected.

7. Revocation of License
The Director of Health may revoke any license to operate a pool for failure to comply with his or her written order following suspension of the license. A written notice of revocation shall be sent from the Director of Health to the licensed person or persons indicating that the license has been revoked and the reasons for the revocation. A revocation notice shall not be issued for at least five (5) days after suspension of the license.

8. Appeal
The person or persons to whom the license was issued may appeal a written order to the Director of Health. The appeal shall be made in writing and shall be received by the director within two (2) working days after receipt of the order. The director shall immediately review the case and may vacate, modify, or affirm such order. The licensee aggrieved by the decision of the Director of Health may, within 48 hours after the making of such decision, appeal to the Commissioner of Health, who shall thereupon immediately notify the authority from whose order the appeal was taken, and examine into the merits of such case, and may vacate, modify or affirm such order.

9. Reissue of License
A license to operate shall be issued upon proper application and upon presentation of evidence that the deficiencies causing revocation have been corrected. A license fee of $135.00 (effective 12/1/2014) will be required for all reissued licenses.

10. Unconstitutionality Clause
Should any section, paragraph, sentence, clause, or phrase of this regulation be declared unconstitutional or invalid for any reason, the remainder of said regulation shall not be affected thereby. The foregoing regulation was approved and adopted at a meeting of the East Shore District Board of Health.

Effective 12/1/2014 Fee Schedule approved by ESDHD Board of Directors
Initial compliance Inspection And License: $150.00
Annual inspection and License: $135.00
Re-inspection fee: $80.00
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