How do I get an approval for: Building Additions, Pools, Decks, Sheds, Etc.?

Health district approval is required prior to construction of any new additions, dormers, decks, deck enclosures, accessory structures such as pools, sheds, gazebos, garages and so on. Through this review process, the health district will verify that the project will comply with all applicable Public Health Code requirements, that it will not negatively impact the existing septic system or well on the property and that a suitable area for a future septic system repair will remain on the lot. Please note that if sewers are available the health department requires a letter from the town engineer. A review is still required.

To obtain approval, please submit the following to the ESDHD office in Branford:

  • A completed ESDHD B100a Application form for your project, with the appropriate fee.
  • An accurate site plan showing the proposed structure and all relevant site features noted in the application instructions. (The level of detail required may vary from one project to the next, so please contact us directly for guidance.)
  • In some cases, building plans may be required. Again, contact us for guidance.
  • All available soil test information for the property. Soil data is needed to identify a suitable area for a future septic system repair. If no soil data is available for you property, you may need to arrange for soil testing with ESDHD. (For details see Soil Testing ).

Our initial review will determine your need for soil testing. The initial review time for B100a applications is 1-2 weeks. Applications that require soil testing will require additional review time.